A series of world records were set in Pakistan earlier this week during the annual Punjab Youth and Sport Festival in Lahore.

Monday saw 24,200 people hold up green and white boxes at the National Hockey Stadium to create the Pakistani standard, setting a new record for the world's largest human flag.

The attempt broke a record of 21,726, set five years ago in Hong Kong.

Confirming the new benchmark, Guinness World Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves told the cheering crowd: "Every single one of you holds this record".

The flag record followed another successful attempt in the stadium which saw the country reclaim the title for the most people singing a national anthem, with an amassed crowd of 42,813 singing Qaumī Tarāna in unison, smashing the previous best of 15,243 held by India.

Earlier on Monday, 1,936 Pakistani students broke the record of the largest picture mosaic formed by people at the same venue here.

The large scale image depicted the Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort), a local landmark and bettered a record of 1,458 people set in South Carolina, USA last year.

Other records set during the festival included:

Most martial arts kicks in three minutes (using one leg) (male): 616 - Ahmed Amin Bodla

Heaviest vehicle pulled by beard: 1,700kg (3747 lbs 13 oz) - Sadi Ahmed

Fastest time to wire a plug: 35.93 seconds - Mian Nouman Anjum

Fastest time to make 3 chapatis: 3 minutes 14.98 sec - Mohammad Mansha (Mohammad is the head chef at the National Hockey Stadium).

Fastest time to arrange a chess set: 45.48 seconds - Meher Gul. (Meher is a 12-year-old female chess champion).

Most consecutive football headers: 335 - Daniel Gill & Qamar Rizwan

Fastest time to dress in cricket whites (batsman gear): - 1 minute 18.21 seconds - Mohammed Jaleel ul Hassan

Most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds: 34 - Lt Nouman Rafeeq and Seraz Safaraz