Turkish cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu celebrated the end of 2011 in artistic style by breaking the world record for the world's largest single panel cartoon.

The illustrator teamed up with Samsung Electronics Turkey for the attempt, which was organised to promote the electronics firm's new mobile device, the Galaxy Note.

Acknowledging the gadget's space-themed name, Erdil's design was inspired by crop circle patterns and was drawn in the north-western province of Kırklareli's Pınarhisar district.

The largest single panel cartoon represented a new record category, with Guinness World Records guidelines stating that the size of the panel had to be at least 10.404,8 m2 in order to be approved.

Once completed, the illustration was measured by Guinness World Records adjudicator Şeyda Subaşı, who confirmed the cartoon was an incredible 10.952.055m2 in size -a footprint that's almost big enough to fit two football fields.

Largest single panel cartoon 3.jpg

The field is now set to be turned into a forest with 4,000 trees and a special park. "In this way, we want to immortalize the world's largest cartoon and contribute to the region's promotion," Samsung Electronics Cell Phones Marketing Director Cem Sezer explained, following the successful attempt.


Best known for his work on Turkish satire magazine Penguen, Erdil said "We have worked together for Samsung's special project, and we had much fun. As a result we have created a big project that we can leave to our grandchildren. I hope it will make people who will see it happy".