Out in shops on 3 rd January in the US and Australia and the UK from January 19 th, Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition brings together the latest, greatest and most extreme achievements in the world of videogames

Praised by critics as a "definite almanac of all things games" (LA Times), the fifth instalment in the best-selling series is a must-have for any fan of gaming.

Packed with official gaming records, trivia and never-before seen pictures, the new edition covers every genre with an outstanding selection of in-depth spreads on some of your favourite games including Battlefield, Pokémon, Starcraft, Gears of War, Angry Birds, and Ultima Online.

New records to feature in this year's book include the Longest Videogame Marathon, the Longest Gaming Session in Freefall, the Highest Fee Paid for a Videogame Advert Appearance and the world's Largest Videogame Controller.

Gamer's Edition 2012 is also packed full of interesting features such as the Top 50 Videogame Endings Of All Time as voted by over 13,000 readers; Gaming Fail, a fun look at the greatest 'Epic Failures' in gaming history; Star Wars, a guide to the spin-off games that have come from the iconic movie; and of course, a comprehensive Twin Galaxies Scoreboard that allows you to see how you compare with the best in the gaming world.

Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves, says: "The brand new Gamer's Edition is packed full of the best and brightest of the last 12 months in videogaming, with amazing achievements, bizarre behaviour and incredible industry insight. We've adjudicated records with the best gamers in the world to give our readers a complete picture of all the most astonishing facts from the wonderful world of gaming."

Stay tuned to Guinnessworldrecords.com for an exclusive sneak peak of the book.