A new record has been set for the most comments on a single Facebook item after a post about the game Frontierville became the first to receive over a million responses.

As of the 31 January, 1,001,552, comments had been made in response to a post on 30 October 2011 by Tracey Hodgson (UK), on the Facebook page "Ffgpioneers".

The figure, which was achieved by 107 fans of the freemium game by Zynga, almost doubles the previous record set for a post by Roberto Esposito (Italy) last year.

Explaining her inspiration for setting a new social media benchmark, Tracey said: "I started to get into Frontierville after my daughter started playing it using my Facebook account"

"I began to play myself, and then got involved in helping with the game's community groups as an administrator."

She added: "My friend Nattie Murphy saw the previous record and suggested I try to break it - it sounded like a great idea for our group to show what we are capable of when we work together"

"We had over 107 help, but many left the record group because of the constant notifications, but there were a core group of four people including Nattie adding comments.

Commenting on her new record-breaker status, Tracey said: "It feels fantastic to have been able to break the world record for our community - while I don't actually play Frontierville anymore, I've met some great people through playing it and love to be able to help them enjoy the game still".