Sonim technologies new XP3300 Force handset has achieved a Guinness World Record for being the World's Toughest Mobile Phone.

The device managed to survive a fall of 25.29 meters (82 ft 11.67 in) onto concrete with no operational damage during a demonstration in The Netherlands on Saturday.

The record attempt, which took place in Epe, was organised by the mobile phones manufacturer to show off the durability of its latest rugged handset. The firm specialises in phones that are designed for workers in demanding and hazardous environments, including construction and defence.

The equipment used to confirm the altitude had been certified as accurately calibrated by an appropriate expert before the attempt, while two engineers from the Dutch Metrology institute were also present to verify the exact measurements of the drop.

Also on hand was Ron Smeets, founder of the tech blog Mobile Cowboys ( ) to act as an independent witness to the attempt.

While the phone managed to remain in working order after drops of 10 and 25 meters, a height of 30 metres proved too much for the device.

Sonim 2.jpg

Following the successful attempt, Guinness World Records Adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi presented a GWR certificate to Sonim's managing director for Benelux Roy Vervenne to mark the company's achievement.

The previous record was held by the JCB tough phone, which managed to survive a fall of just 3.25 meters.