From Freddie Hoff, in California, USA

The fact that Huntington Beach was filled with surfers on Sunday is not unusual. After all, Huntington Beach is better known as "Surf City". But in this case, all the surfers were dogs.

At 7:00 am, the 3 rd annual Surf City Surf Dog event was in full swing and the dogs were lining up for the competition.


Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie, was not only entering the tournament, she was there to attempt the Guinness World Records achievement for longest wave surfed by a dog (open water). The minimum distance set for this category was 30 yards (27.4 meters). Quite a surfing distance for a dog (and most humans too)!

Michael And Abbie

Abbie was not fazed. Equipped with a GPS tracking device by owner and friend Michael Uy, she merely wagged her tail, bounced into the ocean and got ready to surf!


At 9:30 am, Michael put Abbie on her board and they went into the water together to wait for the perfect wave. When that wave arrived, Michael let go of Abbie and she surfed her way into shore.

After Abbie returned from surfing , the GPS she was wearing was hooked up to a computer and it was determined that she had surfed a total of 60 meters (65.62 yards) - setting a new Guinness World Records achievement!


Congratulations to Abbie, her owner, Michael and the Surf City Surf Dog event on successfully achieving the record and to all the surfing dogs out there waiting to catch the next wave.

Main image by: PawMazing photography - Robert Ochoa