Guinness World Records can today reveal the latest world-beating successes from the world of cinema and TV with the upcoming launch of the 2012 Edition of Guinness World Records.

Medical drama House is listed as the Most popular programme currently on TV, at its peak being watched by a phenomenal 81.8 million people in 66 countries - and edging out CSI:Miami with its viewership of 73.8 million.

House star Hugh Laurie, who earns nearly £250,000 per episode, can now claim to be the world's Most watched leading man on television.

Hugh Laurie.jpg

However, despite the show's popularity, Hugh Laurie has not been able to wrestle the all-time title from David Hasselhoff who remains the world's most watched man on television - ever.

Sandra Bullock.jpg

Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock earned a staggering £35million to become the "Highest Paid Actress" from June 2009 - June 2010, while Johnny Depp pirated wallets around the world to earn $47 million during the same period.

Johnny Depp.jpg

TV's young talent is not lounging on the job, either. Seventeen-year old Angus T Jones, the "half" in Two and a Half Men, reportedly earned £157,000 per episode to grab the title of "Highest-Paid TV Child Star" while iCarly star, Miranda Cosgrove, became the 'Highest-Paid Teen Actress" earning £113,000 per episode.

Royal Wedding fever proved to be record-breaking, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge establishing a new title for the Most live streams for a single event.

The Royal Channel - the official YouTube Channel for the British Monarchy run by Clarence House - ensured that 72 million people worldwide watched the royal wedding live online, more online views than Barak Obama's inauguration.

Commenting on the record-breaking achievement, a spokesperson for Clarence House said: "We are thrilled that we were able to help enable millions of people from across the world to watch and enjoy the Royal Wedding."

Commenting on the new TV world records to make the 2012 edition, Craig Glenday Editor-in-Chief at Guinness World Records, said: "What a fantastic year it's been for Brits on both sides of the TV cameras. The UK's world-class broadcast output is a testament to the excellence and integrity of the country's creative talent."

For other entertainment and amazing world records across science, human body, sport, animal kingdom and many others, check out the new Guinness World Records 2012 published on 15th September 2011.