Christine Walton from Las Vegas, USA, has been revealed as the new record holder for the Longest Fingernails, measuring an astonishing 10ft 2in (309.8cm) on her left hand and 9ft 7in (292.1cm) on her right hand - a total of 19ft 9in (601.9cm).

The 45 year-old, who is also a talented singer who goes by the stage name "The Dutchess", hasn't cut her fingernails since 1990.

"I never made a conscious decision to grow the nails, but with all my children and the music commitments I guess it was easier to let the nails grow. Then one day I look down and they're like 9 inches long!"

The Dutchess portrait.jpg

Christine insists the nails don't prevent her from living a normal life; she can still braid hair, cook and drive, however, she does confess to struggling when shopping for clothes: "I'll see the cutest shirts, and they'll have these skinny arms and I know that my nails would just rip straight through them".

Despite this Christine says she is overjoyed to receive the record: "To be recognised for my record-breaking fingernails is really special. It's important that we celebrate difference. To be different is a blessing".

The grandmother takes the title from much-loved record holder Lee Redmond (total fingernail length: 28 ft 4.5 in) who sadly lost her nails in a car crash in early 2009.

The length of the Fingernails are the equivalent length of a killer whale; two mini coopers; five adult arm spans; 33 GWR-approved hot dogs; the length of a Mount Rushmore nose, and as long as a 12-year-old boy's intestines!