A total of 3,090 swimsuit-clad women made history in China last month after setting a new world record for the largest bikini photo shoot ever.

The attempt, which took place on Longwan Beach in the coastal city of Huludao, came after three months of intense preparations, with more than 40,000 volunteers helping towards the record-breaking shoot.

Bikini 02.jpg

With ages ranging from four to 69, the participants, who were all local residents of Huludao, consisted of kinder garden children, students, professional models and members of local community groups.

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Organised by Huludao Municipal Government, the attempt was one of a number of events that made up the first China (Xingcheng, Huludao) International Swimsuit Festival which aimed to promote the district as a tourist destination.

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Other events during the festival included a swimsuit model contest, a beach volleyball match and a performance of traditional Chinese music.

The attempt broke the previous record set in July, 2008 when 1,923 participants took part in an event organised by Cosmopolitan Magazine on Riviera Beach in Sochi, Russia.