Guinness World Records, the global authority in record breaking, has become aware of an individual unlawfully posing on GWR’s behalf in China and misusing its trademarks at a recent event in Taierzhuang Ancient City, in Zaozhuang City, Shandong province on the date of Sunday 24th, July.

Although the event appears to have been organised legitimately, an individual supposedly from the United Kingdom referred to as ‘James Field’ was present to adjudicate the event and present a counterfeit GWR certificate.

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Guinness World Records would like to emphatically refute any association with the individual known as ‘James Field’.

GWR also regrets the unlicensed usage of its trademarks at this event and will take appropriate action against anyone who uses its intellectual property without a licence.

Guinness World Records has contacted the organisers of the event to clarify how this situation arose.

Guinness World Records is headquartered in London, UK with official representatives in China.

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