From Vin Sharma in Kiev, Ukraine

Guinness World Records has recognised scores of amazing achievements that have a link with individuals and groups based in Ukraine as well as verifying many attempts that have taken place in the region. But for me personally, this was my first visit to the beautiful capital city of Ukraine.

As a huge fan of music that hails from all parts of the world I was particularly keen to discover what I had initially assumed would be the signature Balkan beat, or folk sounds showcased during the record attempt for 'Longest singing marathon by multiple singers'. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a lot more.

The attempt itself was the idea of Yegor Benkendorf, Director General of the National Television Company of Ukraine and Mykhailo Poplavskyi, Rector of the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.

Singing marathon band.jpg

From the initial idea to the full team effort and what was eventually achieved after 2 months of meticulous planning & preparations was quite impressive to have been a part of adjudicating.

To my delight the music showcased by all the singers involved was a broad and eclectic mix of genres appealing to the wide ranging audience who were tuned in during the live broadcasts, perfectly highlighted the fantastic musical talents emerging from the region. From Rock, to heavy metal, to Pop, to folk, to alternative and the Balkan Beat style I was so looking forward to hearing.

Singing marathon certificate.jpg

Altogether over 350 bands took part in the marathon concert and well over 1,800 solo singers and musicians performed during the five-day long singathon, with strict guidelines adhered to throughout as verified by the many witnesses and myself.

The purpose of this very well organised and supported record attempt was to unite the nation, celebrate the rich, vibrant Ukrainian culture and to also showcase the wide array of world class musical talents. 'Songs to Unite' was the title given to the event and a new record of 110 hrs 0 mins and 15 seconds was set, with a great finale to close the achievement.