Santa won't have any trouble finding the home of the Richards family this Christmas.

The property in the Canberra suburb of Forrest in Australia is illuminated with 331,038 fairy lights making it the Guinness World Record holder for the Most Christmas Lights on a Residential Property.

Christmas lights 2.jpg

David Richards, a barrister and father of three, has worked on the decorations for over four years, with the number of lights having doubled from last year. David said: "It started four years ago with one string above the door and has really grown from there".

David is reluctant to say how much the decorations cost, but all the money he receives from visitors goes to the charity 'SIDS and Kids' which he says helped his family out during a difficult period in 2002.

Despite the four year investment in the light display David said that he won't be doing it again next year, saying he hoped to be able to donate the lights to someone else who would continue to use them to raise money for charity.

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