From Ralph Hannah in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A new world records for the most contributors to a comic book has been set in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aula365 had to surpass the previous record of 62 authors set during Kapow! Comic Con in London in April 2011 and looked for help from the millions of users of their educative social network.

For 28 weeks , visitors to the site were asked about the world of the future to inspire creative responses and help form a comic book, 21 chapters long.

In total over 3,800 people put forward compositions from 76 different countries across the world. While contributions mainly came from Iberoamerica (Latin America and Spain) compositions arrived from every continent.

Although the target audience was children, the challenge of breaking a Guinness World Records record inspired parents and teachers to participate too, with adults making up 48 per cent of those who took part.

Of the 3,800 proposals only the very best ideas from each chapter were selected and from that selection the Aula365 community voted for the best ideas to make the final edit of the comic.

Overall the comic had 81 different contributors passing the record by Kapow! and earning those who took part a truly global record.

Congratulations to Aula365 and particularly the 81 authors who made the final cut!