Mario and Luigi sprinted by Wario; Inky and Pink chased Pac-Man; Sub-Zero faced off against a Ken and Ryu duo. What may sound like a video gamer's dream 'mash-up,' was actually an offline Guinness World Records™ attempt!

Guinness World Records™ Adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. travelled to BUYSEASONS, Inc.'s New Berlin, Wisconsin headquarters yesterday to personally witness the organization's successful record attempt for the Largest gathering of people dressed as video games characters.

For ten minutes, 425 company employees wore pre-approved costumes depicting such classic characters as those from 'Pac-Man', to more newly recognized icons from recent videogames like 'Angry Birds.'

Certificate Presentation

Girton Jr. applauded the company's efforts and presented CEO Dan Haight and COO Terry Rowinski with an official Guinness World Records™ certificate to instantly recognize the organization's achievement.

BUYSEASONS, Inc. - which maintains - was founded in 1999, and is self-titled as one of the largest costumes, accessories and party supplies internet retailers.