Having picked up the record for the largest jigsaw puzzle, last month also saw Turkey sashay its way to the title for the world's longest catwalk.

The new benchmark, which was set at The Kent Park Shopping Mall in Ankara, saw a fashion parade take place on a walkway measuring 2,069.17 m (6,788 ft 7.4 in).

Catwalk first.jpg

This beat the previous record of 1.6km set in Thailand last year.

The record attempt was organized by the mall in association with top Turkish fashion designer Cemil Ipekçi.

Catwalk second.jpg

Decorated with the colours of Turkey's flag, the record-breaking catwalk's starting point was outside the shopping centre's entrance, crawling inside the mall and sprawling across almost all of the premises.

After being measured by a Guinness World Records adjudicator, a fashion show on the catwalk began at 3pm, showing off the latest designs by Cemil Ipekçi along with fashion lines from retail stores from the shopping mall.

Longest Catwalk_Billboard flyer.jpg

Some of Turkey's most famous models were among 250 glamorous fashionistas to head down the runway during the two hour show.

Once the show was over, Kent Park Shopping Mall manager Mehmet Akalin, and choreographer Yasin Soy, along with Cemil, were all called on to the stage to be presented with a Guinness World Records certificate.

Catwalk last.jpg

There was an extra surprise for Cemil when he was later presented with a gigantic cake from the shopping mall executives to acknowledge the 40 th anniversary of his career in fashion.