Brazilian soccer side, Coritiba Foot Ball Club really is 'o mais vitorioso do mundo' (the most victorious team in the world) after Guinness World Records officially recognized the record for the most consecutive victories in all competitions at the team's 102 nd anniversary dinner earlier this month.

While the Guinness World Records archives are home to many football records, they usually regard one competition, the World Cup or the Premier League for example.

Very rarely are Guinness World Records able to officiate a genuine worldwide football record due to the immense difficulty in researching all the world's leagues and clubs.


This record was not without its challenges. Coritiba Foot Ball Club won 24 consecutive matches between 3 February and 5 May this year in the Paranaense State Championships and the Brazilian Cup, competitions which they were crowned champions and vice-champions respectively.

Coritiba Cake.jpg

On 1 June Coritiba made their official application but it wasn't until 8 September that Guinness World Records was sure that they were indeed the record holders.

Although it seemed Nacional of Uruguay had won 32 victories between 1940 to 1942, it was only in the league and meanwhile they had been defeated in domestic cup competitions.

More recently Al-Faysali of Jordan managed 28 consecutive victories but if you check the record books closely you will notice they drew a game in a regional cup competition that they later withdrew from.


So, on 17 October, Guinness World Records representative for Latin America Ralph Hannah visited Curitiba, Brazil to present the certificate, confirming this unprecedented winning streak.


The certificate was accepted by the club's Vice-President, Vilson Ribeiro de Andrade, and cheered by over 1,000 supporters who attended the anniversary celebrations.

The previous day Coritiba wore their new third shirt bearing the Guinness World Records logo on the back and the dates of the 24 victories on the front.