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About the Guide and Book

Guinness World Records has created a FREE, downloadable Teacher’s Guide to educate students in the topics they’re already reading about.

It features:

  • Engaging STEM-friendly activities
  • Common Core Connections for Grades 2 – 5
  • Fascinating classroom activities including Language Arts, Science and Math

Even though it’s not necessary to have our best-selling book handy to utilize the guide, the 2018 Edition, will be released on August 29, 2017. It is packed with incredible records that will give kids a chance to explore the planet's most amazing places, review the year's top sporting achievements, a special section devoted to fictional and real-life superheros and much more!

Why Educators Will Enjoy Teaching About Record-breaking:

  • Easy to use guide with topical records
  • Appropriate for all levels of readers
  • Perfect for reluctant readers and struggling learners
  • Can be used for one lesson or throughout the whole year
  • Explores the world of record-breaking in a fun and educational manner
Please note: The challenges and attempts in this guide are for fun only.