The Results

Video Engagement:
25 Million views and 740,000 engagements in two weeks
Online Results:
Volvo Trucks North America’s most-watched film of all time
Recognised as a best-in-class viral video marketing campaign:
Number three spot on Ad Age’s July 25th Viral Video Chart

The Brief

Volvo Trucks North America came to Guinness World Records looking for a unique and creative solution to launch their all-new VNL series to the market. When Magnus Koeck, Volvo’s VP of marketing and brand management, saw that a film with a little kid unboxing a Spiderman battery-powered ride-on toy had gathered over 200 million views on YouTube, he asked himself how could they create a piece of content that generated similar levels of engagement.


The Solution

After consulting with Volvo Trucks North America and their agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the creative team at Guinness World Records created a new record category for the Largest Object Unboxed.

A VNL 760 tractor trailer was packed inside a box measuring 80 x 14 x 18 ft and was revealed in grand style to big-rig enthusiast Joel Jovine, age 3, who then unboxed the truck. The massive carton, made of cardboard and cellophane, adhered to Guinness World Records guidelines by following classic toy-package designs, including Volvo’s own die-cast model truck boxes.

The “World’s Largest Unboxing” film quickly gained viral traction online and became a success with trade media and consumers alike. The video was viewed nearly 25 million times in the fortnight after launch, making it the most watched Volvo Trucks North America video ever and number three on Ad Age’s July 25th Viral Video Chart, which tracks brand-driven viral videos.

Response to the ‘World’s Largest Unboxing’ film has been tremendous and beyond our expectations. Not only did we set a Guinness World Records title for “Largest item unboxed,” we set a record for the most-watched film from Volvo Trucks North America.

— Magnus Koeck, Vice President of marketing and brand management at Volvo Trucks North America