Unilever Food Solutions

The Results

130,000+ participating chefs
Video Coverage
22 million views on TikTok
340,000 likes on Unilever Food Solutions TikTok post

The Brief

Unilever Food Solutions held an Annual Chef’s Day, designed to break down the barriers in the industry for Chinese chefs. The event is designed to engage chefs throughout China, encouraging them to work together, share experiences, and to promote the healthy development of the food and drinks industry.

The Solution

On Chef’s Day in 2018, Unilever Food Solutions joined with Guinness World Records to invite all Chinese chefs to attempt the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of most pledges received for a health campaign. The chefs were informed about the event on the official WeChat for Unilever Food Solutions and were told to wear their “chef” status with pride. They swore a solemn oath to the healthy development of the industry, and were able to have the honour of achieving this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. As of 14th November 2018, the event has received the pledges of 134,704 chefs.