Sony Pictures Guinness World Records

The Results

Consumer Engagement:
531 participants in five different locations dressed as emojis
Press & social media reach:
Major news outlet: Sky News Online; BBC TV News in the UK, whose quarterly reach is more than 22 million; TV3 Ireland, one of the most-viewed TV stations in the country; Major US news station, ABC 2 News America

The Brief

Emojis are a global language that transcends barriers, so Sony Pictures wanted to harness the power of their appeal. In anticipation of The Emoji Movie, Sony launched a global campaign promoting their star-studded extravaganza. And with World Emoji Day around the corner, 15th July was the perfect time to create a campaign that spoke to the masses. 

They set out to win the title of largest gathering of people dressed as emoji faces across multiple locations: London, Dublin, Moscow Dubai and Sao Paulo.


The Solution

As part of their consultancy service, Guinness World Records hosted brainstorming sessions to come up with a title that trumped everything else. And because it was a multi-venue event, the service had to be scaled up to help Sony reach the record. That’s why Guinness World Records assigned an official adjudicator to each location, who counted the record-breaking numbers of people taking part and witnessed the winning moments.

Achieving a Guinness World Records title is a testament to the enormous worldwide appeal of emojis. It’s great to see so many people getting excited for the worldwide release of ‘The Emoji Movie’.

— Josh Greenstein, President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment