The Results

Live Events
Audience Reach
100 million+
Media Value
£2 million+

The Brief

Cadbury, the world's 2nd largest confectionary company, sponsored and was the official treat provider to the London 2012 Olympics. To activate its sponsorship Cadbury launched the Spots v Stripes campaign. At the heart of the integrated two-year campaign was Race Season- a core campaign to supercharge consumer engagement - Cadbury wanted to encourage the public to enter to the spirit of the Games by competing online, in person and at home.

The Solution

Guinness World Records based its solution on Cadbury’s innovative concept of bringing the spirit of the London2012 Games to the public through records. The solution aimed to use record-breaking to create everyday heroes from everyday tasks. With the help of Guinness World Records, Cadbury asked the British public to claim their place in history as the Fastest tea maker or Fastest doodler. The unique campaign was fully integrated across TV, outdoor, print, online and social media. It was supported by nationwide experiential events where the public could go head-to-head with celebrities to secure a world record.

The ‘Spots v Stripes’ campaign has helped the Cadbury brand hit a five-year market-share high.

— Daryl Fielding, Vice-President Marketing at Cadbury, Kraft Foods