Licensing the GWR brand and logo

Our name is synonymous with the validation and celebration of superlative achievements. Attaining a Guinness World Records title gives you the opportunity to position your organization, product or brand as officially best in class, with our authentic seal of approval. 

Whether it’s creating eye-catching visuals to attract an audience at an event or giving your product or organization the official stamp of record-breaking approval with our logo, our brand assets can help you engage a wider audience, enhance your brand communications and create content with true impact. 

Our name and logo are instantly recognized all over the world, and there are opportunities to make use of our branding at every stage of your record-breaking journey. 

The Official Attempt logo is ideal for building awareness and excitement around your record attempt in the run-up to your event. 
To learn more, visit our Business Solutions FAQ page, or get in touch with the team.

If your attempt is successful, our prestigious Record Holder logo instantly confirms your achievement as an authentic Guinness World Records title. Let the celebrations begin!


Ready to make your mark in record history?