Employee Engagement

From break-away-from-the-norm days and unconventional conventions, to outstanding online occasions, we’re making events extraordinary. With customized consultancy to meet your company’s objectives, style, audience and budget, we ensure that the lifelong memories of record breaking leave your employees and attendees feeling captivated, motivated and bonded.

Our versatile record-breaking activities can be adapted for groups meeting in person or remotely, or for a hybrid event environment.

Online Employee Engagement

Hosted and presented by GWR’s MCs from our ‘virtual studio’, this is an online employee engagement event like no other. With an array of fun, quick-fire record challenges to choose from, teams must work together to climb to the top of the leader board for a chance to make an official record attempt, live, under the watchful eye of the GWR adjudicator.

Events can be hosted on a wide range of popular video conferencing platforms, including Teams and Zoom.

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On-site Employee Engagement

Authenticity, integrity and, above all, celebration are the cornerstones of our innovative on-site events. Tested and trusted at corporate events all over the world, an official record attempt offers a unique experience that can:

  • Raise the profile of your CSR and fundraising drive – when you put a world record attempt at the heart of your CSR initiative, not only do your employees make a difference to your chosen cause, they enjoy the additional excitement that comes with the prospect of becoming a world record holder.
  • Create standout moments to mark anniversaries and other occasions – whether it’s your employee awards, a milestone anniversary or simply a ‘thank you’, your employees can be rewarded and celebrated through the unique opportunity to break a world record
  • Enhance team synergy with distinctive team-building exercises – our events encourage collaboration teams work together as one team to achieve a common, record-breaking goal
  • Help lift your conferences and conventions to new heights – record breaking offers a launchpad to break the ice and energize your audience

Read our handy guide on how to engage your employees

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Achieving a Guinness World Records title has helped LG Electronics creatively demonstrate the reduced vibrations offered by the Centum System Washing Machine and clearly prove the product’s differentiated and advanced technology. 

— Huiwon Kwon, Manager of HA Marketing Communication Division at LG Electronics

Not only did we set a Guinness World Records title for the Largest item unboxed, we set the record for the most-watched film from Volvo Trucks North America. 

— Magnus Koeck, VP of Marketing and Brand Management at Volvo Trucks North America

Breaking the Guinness World Records title for the Most people holding the abdominal plank position has been an icing in the cake by giving women a feeling of community achievement. We hope this inspires women to always believe in themselves, work on their core strength and to live the philosophy of our Do You campaign. 

— Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director at Puma India

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