Smallest dinosaur footprint
1.78 centimetre(s)
United Kingdom (Isle of Skye,Highland)
The smallest dinosaur footprint discovered to date measures just 1.78 cm (0.7 in) from the heel to the tip of digit III. it was discovered on the Isle of Skye, Highland, UK by Dr Neil Clark (UK) of the Hunterian Museum of the University of Glasgow, UK, and announced in June 2004. The footprint was made during the Middle Jurassic period, around 165 million years ago. The full length of the footprint is 1.78 cm (0.7 in) from heel to tip of digit III. The specimen number is GLAHM 114913 and it is held in the collections of the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow. The footprint came from the Middle Jurassic Kilmaluag Formation on the Isle of Skye. While the exact species of dinosaur which made the print is unknown, it is likely to be similar to coleophysis.