Oldest Playboy model
Patricia Paay
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
The oldest Playboy model is Patricia Paay (Netherlands, b. 7 April 1949) who posed for the Christmas edition of Playboy Netherlands, on 10 December 2009. Patricia Paay is a Dutch singer and model who also appeared as a judge in the 2008 edition of Holland's Got Talent.

Patricia takes the record because she is the oldest model to have posed for Playboy's photographers. However, the oldest woman to appear nude in Playboy is Mamie Van Doren (b. February 6, 1931), who appeared in the October 2006 issue. The photo was not taken by Playboy (it was submitted directly), but was taken in April 2006, when Mamie was 75 years and two months old.

Source: Chip Rowe, Senior Editor, Playboy USA