Most varieties of gin commercially available
Kevin Berkins
623 total number
United Kingdom (Burnley)

The most varieties of gin commercially available is 623, achieved by Kevin Berkins (UK), at the Fence Gate in Burnley, Lancashire, UK, as verified on 1 July 2015.

The selection of 623 gins available at Fence Gate have been on sale since the end of April 2014. Kevin Berkins became interested in gin around 2005 when he started to amass a large selection of gins, fruit gins and standard pouring gins behind the bar. With new gins being born, new micro stills producing small batch gin, Kevin's passion for gin increased. He started to purchase new gins from America, Spain, Holland and Italy and eventually ran out of space on the main bar. In 2014 a major refurbishment program was undertaken and an enlarged gin bar was created to showcase the full gin selection.