Most tattooed senior citizen (female)
Charlotte Guttenberg
91.5 percentage
United States Melbourne

The most tattooed female senior citizen is Charlotte Guttenberg (USA), who has covered 91.5% of her body with tattoos, as confirmed in Melbourne, Florida, USA, on 3 June 2015.

Charlotte takes part in various tattoo shows and competitions to display her tattoos.

She told GWR that her “gallery” began with a tattoo of a butterfly, a birthday present to herself in 2006. Since then, and about 1,000 tattooing hours later, Charlotte’s body art has burgeoned into floral and animal imagery, symbols from Shintoism and an emperor dragon winding around her leg. While her inspiration is Japanese culture, she has added a few details of her own, such as delicate Victorian mittens. She plans to continue with a full head tattoo, a “secret garden” below her hair.

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