Most powerful jet engine
General Electric GE90-115B
568927 newton(s)
United States (Peebles)

A General Electric GE90-115B turbofan engine achieved steady state thrust of 568,927 N (127,900 lb) during final certification testing at Peebles, Ohio, USA, in December 2002. The engine was due to make its first flight on a Boeing 777 early in 2003. Because of their power, the 777 requires only two engines, resulting in better fuel efficiency, less pollution and lower noise levels. By comparison, the Boeing 747-400 (the largest passenger aircraft currently in service) has four engines each with around 275,789 N (62,000 lb) of thrust. Even the huge American B-52 bomber has eight engines to achieve its 604,958 N (136,000 lb) of total thrust.

Snecma Moteurs, IHI and FiatAvio are participants on the GE90-115B engine program. The GE90-115B is the exclusive powerplant for Boeing's 777-300ER and 777-200LR twinjets.