Most Oscar nominations without winning -  actor
Peter O'Toole
8 times
United States
Peter O'Toole (Ireland b.2 August 1932) has been nominated eight times for the Best Actor award, but has never won.  O'Toole's no win span has so far lasted nearly 50 years, with Lawrence of Arabia (UK 1962); Beckett (UK 1964); The Lion in Winter (UK 1968); Goodbye Mr Chips (UK 1969); The Ruling Class (UK 1972); The Stunt Man (USA 1980); My Favourite Year (USA 1982), and Venus (UK 2006). In 2003, when he was offered an Honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement, Peter O'Toole wrote the Academy a letter saying that he was "still in the game" and requested more time to "win the lovely bugger outright". He eventually agreed to attend the Oscar ceremony and receive his Honorary Oscar.