Most gold medals won at the Summer Olympics (country)
931 times
USA Query
The USA won a record 931 gold medals at the Summer Olympics between 1896 and 2008. The USA is well ahead of the second-placed USSR, which earned 395 gold medals in 1952–1980 and 1988. This total does not include medals won by Russia (1908–1912), the Unified Team (1992) or the Russian Federation (1996–2008). Germany is third with 247 gold medals won through Germany (1896–1912, 1928–1936, 1952, 1992–2008), the United Team of Germany (1956–1964) and the FRD/West Germany (1968–1976, 1984–1988). This does not include medals won by the GDR/East Germany (1968–1980, 1988)