Most entrants in an egg hunt competition
Fabergé Big Egg Hunt
United Kingdom ()
The most entrants in an egg hunt competition is 12,773 and was achieved by The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, as part of World Record London, in London, UK on 21 February – 1 April 2012. The 209 eggs (approximately 2ft each in size) were hidden around London and included a 'Where's Wally?' egg that moved locations every three days. All eggs were eventually auctioned off for charity. The more eggs participants found, the more chances they had of winning the grand prize of a £100,000 ($158 610 USD) Fabergé Egg. Each egg in the hunt contained a unique code, which meant the more you text in, the more times your name went into the prize draw! All proceeds of this competition were split 50/50 between the Elephant Family and Action for Children charities. The month before, William Curley had also helped The Big Egg Hunt team set the record for the 'Most expensive chocolate egg sold at auction (non-jewelled).'