Most candles on a cake
Mike's Hard Lemonade
United States Los Angeles

The most lit candles on a cake is 50,151 and was achieved by Mike’s Hard Lemonade in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 13 April 2016.

This event was intended to celebrate Mike’s 17th birthday. The number of candles reflected the number of "likes", etc. received from fans on a special birthday post of Mike's Hard Lemonade's Facebook page. The giant birthday cake was made up of 72 individual chocolate sheet cakes, iced together and assembled as a square ring. In total, the cake weighed 310.26 kg (684 lb), and had 8.18 m² (88 ft²) of surface area covered in birthday candles. The cake was enjoyed by guests at the birthday party, and all leftover cake was donated to charity.