Longest running TV cookery show
Hasta La Cocina
Mexico (Guadalajara)
The world's longest running TV cookery show is Channel 4's Hasta La Cocina (Mexico) which has been broadcast each weekday since 1 December 1960. It has been presented continually by Mrs Zarate (Mexico) and is owned by Televisa Guadalajara Co., Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The show was originally a 30-minute programme called Cocina Al Minuto (Cooking in a Minute) which lasted until the name was changed (as was the production company), to Cocine Mejor (Cook Better) in January 1964. Again, on 1 October 1984 the name was changed once more to the current one, Hasta La Cocina (Up to the Kitchen), but the format has remained the same throughout, even reverting back to the 30 minute episodes after a few years of 45-minute and 1 hour long shows. Mrs Eva Vicenta Uranga Roig Vda. de Zarate (known as 'Mrs Zarate') has explained almost 64,000 receipies throughout her career as a TV cookery show host and has completed a total of 6,610 hours of TV work as of February 2003.

As of 1 December 2006 the show is still running.