Longest prison sentence for computer hacking
Brian Salcedo
United States Charlotte
Brian Salcedo, Michigan, USA was sentenced to nine years in federal prison in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on 16 December 2004 for computer hacking. Salcedo was sentenced after pleading guilty to conspiracy and numerous hacking charges in August 2004 after he attempted to steal credit card information from the computer systems of Lowe’s hardware stores (USA). There were two other men involved in the case who are still waiting to be sentenced. One of the fellow hackers, Adam Timmins is said to be one of the first people convicted of wardriving, where hackers use an antenna to target weak wireless internet connections. The three men tapped into a Lowe’s hardware store in Southfield, Michigan, USA then used the connection to further tap into the central computer system in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA, where they installed a program capable of capturing customers credit card details. District Judge Lacy Thornburg, responsible for sentencing Salcedo wished to emphasise the amount of potential loss that could have been suffered, hence the long sentence. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA is home to the FBI cyber-crime task force which is why the trial was conducted there.