Longest distance pulled by a horse - full body burn
Josef Tödtling
500 metre(s)
Austria (Teichalm-Fladnitz)

The longest distance pulled by a horse while on full body burn is 500 m (1640.42 ft) and was achieved by Josef Tödtling (Austria) in Teichalm-Fladnitz, Styria, Austria, on 27 June 2015.

Josef had an ATV drive next to him during this attempt. The driver of the ATV poured lamp-oil over Josef to keep the flames lit.

Having made the full 500-m, pre-measured distance, Josef promptly outstripped it with another record: a 582-m (1,909-ft) haul, tied this time to the back of the quad bike – the longest distance pulled by a vehicle (full-body burn)!