Longest cake roll
Azusa Daiichi High School
325.23 metre(s)
Japan Tokyo

The longest cake roll is 325.23 m (1,067 ft 0.21 in) and was achieved by Azusa Daiichi High School (Japan) at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan, on 1 October 2015.

For the 75th anniversary of the school's opening, 320 students and instrutctors worked over 4 days for a total of 33 hours to make the creme-filled cake roll. Parents and other students watched and cheered them on as they prepared the cake and cream by hand.

459.6 kg of eggs, 270 kg of sugar, 184.8 kg of flour and 688 litres of cream were among the ingredients used to make the cake.

The total weight was 1031 kg.