Longest ambulance ride with a patient
Ambulix® Fire & Rescue
Denmark Soroe
The record for the longest ambulance ride with a patient is 3,269 km (2,031 miles) achieved by Ambulix® Fire & Rescue (DK) with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 312 Diesel ambulance from Lisbon (PT) to Copenhagen (DK) between 14 October 2004 and 16 Oct 2004. Thursday the 14. Oct at 1200 hours GMT the ambulance picked up the patient at the Hospital de St. Antonio dos Capuchos in Lisbon Capital of Portugal and drove through Spain and Paris in France, Brussels in Belgium, Cologne - Hamburg in Germany and through Jutland / Fyen over the Great belt bridge to the Kingdom Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen where they arrived at Saturday morning at 0800 hours GMT. The crew: Chief anaesthesia M.D. Ms. Karin Bøsling Chief nurse Ms. Marianne Jensen Ambulance Captain Mr. Henrik Henriksen Anaesthesia nurse Mr. Kohyar Partrovi – Deilami The patient was suffering from a head trauma and therefore unable to fly, he had been hospitalised for two months, and he was not able to eat, but when feed, he was able to sink his food. He was unable to speak so the only way to communicate for his part was a wink with his eye. During the trip he slowly began to answer with two letter words and when they arrived at the Kingdom Hospital he spoke hole sentences, it was a miracle. For his mother, who had sent him off from the Portuguese Hospital and then flied to Copenhagen and was present at the arrival to the Kingdom Hospital it was a true miracle. From a paralysed young man, (age 21) to a talking enthusiastic who, if he recovered, wanted to become a nurse or a doctor after he had seen what difference those professions can do to benefit patients lives. The crew still gets Christmas cards from the patient and he is now, after intensive training back to 95 % of what he was before his trauma. He has some difficulties with his left hand, but more training will bring him up on hopefully 99 %.