Largest Zumba® class
Mandaluyong City
12,975 people
Philippines (Mandaluyong City)

The largest Zumba® class consists of 12,975 people and was achieved at an event organised by Mandaluyong City (Philippines), in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, on 19 July 2015.

The event was part of Mayor Benhur Abalos birthday celebrations. The Mayor who recently won a UN Public Service Award, has launched a health care program that encourages a more healthy life style.

The local government of Mandaluyong City initiated the attempt for the Guinness World Records Largest Zumba Class to further promote fitness and healthy lifestyle to its constituents.

Quote from Mayor Benjamin Abalos, City Mayor of Mandaluyong Ctiy

"More than being a record-breaking event, it highlighted the importance of having a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is not enough that you eat healthy food. You must also exercise regularly"

In reference ot the number of participants, Mayor Abalos said "They all (participants) want to champion a healthy lifestyle. You can't bring in that such huge number of crowd unless they believe in the advocacy."

A total of 84 licensed Zumba instructors from the Philippine Zumba Network practiced for 2 months to prepare for this attempt.