Largest paint swatch
Master Paints Industries (PVT) Ltd
7.66 square metre(s)
Pakistan ()
The largest paint swatch measured 7.66 m² (82.4 ft²) and was created by Master Paints Industries (PVT) Ltd (Pakistan) and unveiled in an event organized by Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, on 13 March 2013. The sides of the paint swatch were 6.27 m X 1.21 m (20.6 ft X 4 ft). It was completed on 26 October 2012 by Sheraz Sarfaraz, Salman Zahoor, M. Waqas and Zuhaib. The colours displayed were: Badami, Rose Petal, Barley White, Cockleshell, Mushroom, Copper and Dark Brown