Largest continuous concrete pour
Alfa Eng.Consultant , RALS Contracting, Abdul Wahed Bin Shabib
21,580 cubic metre(s)
United Arab Emirates ()

The largest continuous concrete pour is 21,580 m³ (28,225.57 yd³) and was achieved by Abdul Wahed Bin Shabib, RALS Contracting L.L.C and Alfa Eng. Consultant (all UAE), in Dubai, UAE, from 18 to 20 May 2017.

The pour was a raft foundation for a residential building consisting of a basement, a ground floor and two upper floors. The project was managed by engineer Nabil Korbaj, who coordinated the logistics plan and led the team along with the consultant structural designer Gassan Korbaj, architects Feroz Sharafudeen and Ubaidhullah Abdulkather whom maintained the quality and high level of safety during the pour. Over 500 skilled professionals were contracted by RALS Contracting L.L.C to complete this project.