Largest commercial jigsaw puzzle (most pieces)
Wildlife (Educa)
33,600 pieces

The most pieces in a commercially available jigsaw puzzle is 33,600 by Wildlife, manufactured by Educa (Spain). Released in March 2014, Wildlife has a finished size of 570 x 157 cm (224 x 61.8 in).

The puzzle depicts an African wildlife panorama and is sold in one wooden box that contains all the 33,600 pieces. In the box are 10 bags, each containing 3,360 pieces constituting a section of the puzzle. The challenger can choose to mix them up to complete the puzzle in its entirety or complete the sections separately.

An an interview with Audie Cornish about his creation (available to read at, jigsaw puzzle artist Adrian Chesterman said: "I've never done one this big. They're usually about a thousand-pieces, 1,500 pieces. But [laughter] obviously, 33,600 is kind of an exception... There's a company in Germany called Ravensburger, and the company I did this for is Spanish, called Educa Borras. And Educa Borras and Ravensburger have been competing to who has the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world for the last 10 years. So one produced one of at 8,000, and then the other produced one at 10 and then at 12. And it leapt to 16, and then it went to 18 and then 24. This is like a game of tennis. And the last one was Ravensburger – did a 25,000-piece puzzle."