Largest ceramic mosaic
Thuy Nguyen Thu
Vietnam (Hanoi,,The Red River Dyke)
The largest ceramic mosaic is 1,570.2 m² (16901 ft² 70.86 in²) and was constructed by Nguyen Thu Thuy (Vietnam), on the walls of the Red River Dyke in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 5 October 2010.

The record attempt was named 'The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project', which coincided with the 1,000 year celebrations of the establishment of Hanoi. The concept was first developed by Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Thu Thuy.

The aim of the mural was to transform the urban stretches of the Red River Dyke, an essential flood defence that had been subjected to illegal graffiti and advertising.

The mural had been in construction since 2007 and involved 35 professional artists from Vietnam and 10 other countries including Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Britain, America, Argentine, New Zealand and Australia.