Largest bathrobe
Forum Camlik, Denizli
Turkey (Denizli,Forum Camlik, Denizli)
The largest bathrobe was created by Forum Camlik, Denizli (Turkey) & NESA Tekstil A.S. (Days in Colours) at the GWR Live! Roadshow at Forum Camlik, in Denizli, Turkey, on 24 April 2010. It measures 15.17 m (49 ft 9 in) in length. It has 7.36 m (24 ft 2 in) chest circumference, 7.30 m (23 ft 11 in) sleeve length, 22.1 m (72 ft 6 in) belt length and 17.78 m (58 ft 4 in) bottom circumference. It took 5 days to be sewed and more than 20 persons helped in completing it