Highest Xbox Live Gamerscore
Raymond "Stallion83" Cox
1,412,930 point(s)
United States

With a total of 1,412,930 Xbox Live Gamerpoints accrued as of 18 October 2016, Raymond "Stallion83" Cox (USA) set the record for the highest Gamerscore – a title he has held for an incredible eight years. The ardent FPS and action fan maintains a regular blog at www.1milliongamerscore.com, and achieved the landmark figure of 1 million Gamerpoints in March 2014 – the first person to do so. According to TrueAchievements, Stallion83's highest Gamerscore was achieved playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection (3,300 points), closely followed by the Rare Replay compilation (3,225). A Gamerscore is based on the number of Achievements that a player has completed across Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, and some mobile and PC games that include Xbox achievements.