Most produced commercial jet aircraft model
Boeing 737
United States (Seattle)
In January 2006 Boeing Commercial Airplanes assembled the 5,000th 737 aircraft in the Renton's factory, Washington, USA, celebrating the record for the world's most produced large commercial jet since its launch in 1965. Of the 4,900 737s delivered, 1,250 of them are in the air at any given moment. Boeing almost canceled the program twice—once shortly after launch in 1965, when the 737 received only five orders for the year, and in 1972, when the company sold only 14 airplanes. Despite the rocky start, Boeing factory in the Renton, Wash., USA assembled the 5,000th 737 in January. No other commercial jet has been as popular. Of the more than 4,900 737s delivered, 1,250 of them are in the air at any given moment. The ubiquitous single-aisle twinjet arguably has changed the way the world flies. Its ability to operate self-sufficiently at small airports and on remote, unimproved fields has allowed air travel to reach almost all parts of the world. The 737 "brought jet travel to people who had never seen a jet. And its low operating costs and fuel efficiency have made air travel affordable and accessible to everyone. Today, 737s have scheduled service into 115 different countries and into more than 750 cities. It is versatile enough to profitably serve longer trans-Atlantic routes and 17-mile puddle jumps within the Congo.