Highest annual earnings for a film actress (current year)
Emma Stone
26,000,000 US dollar(s)
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According to Forbes, Emma Stone (USA) earned an estimated $26 million (£20.2 million) pre-tax in the year to 1 June 2017. Her top ranking was due mostly to the success of multiple-Oscar-winning musical La La Land (USA, 2016), in which she starred opposite Ryan Gosling (USA).

In second place was former Friends actress Jennifer Aniston (USA), with $25.5 million (£19.8 million). The previous year's highest-earning actress, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence (USA) came in third, with $24 million (£18.6 million).

The overall winner in the list of highest-earning actors and actresses for the year 1 June 2016–1June 2017 was Mark Wahlberg (USA), with $68 million (£52.9 million) pre-tax.