Fastest train on a national rail system
TGV V150
574.8 kilometre(s) per hour
France (Le Chemin)

The highest speed recorded by a train on any national rail system (as opposed to dedicated test track) is 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph; 159.6 m/s) by a French SNCF modified version of the TGV called V150 (with larger wheels than usual and two engines driving three double-decker cars) on 3 April 2007. The peak speed was achieved near to the village of Le Chemin between the Meuse and Champagne-Ardenne TGV stations that will service the high-speed rail line from Paris to Strasbourg, France (TGV Est, opening in June 2007).

The previous record of 1990 was unofficially broken multiple times during the test campaign preceeeding the official record attempt; the first of which occurred on 13 February 2007 with a speed of 554.3 km/h (344.4 mph).

SNCF: Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (the French National Railway Company).
TGV: train à grande vitesse (high speed train).