Fastest metal detectorist
Sergei Teplyakov
United States (Connecticut)
Sergei Teplyakov (USA) is currently the fastest metal detectorist, with a NMDL score of 11 (20 tokens found in 30 minutes), achieved at the championship round in Connecticut, USA, in September 2002. For rules refer claimant to to the NMDL ( Jeremiah Burr from the NMDL will submit the name of the winner each year if the record is broken. The attempt is held annually on the second weekend in October in CT, United States. Preliminary qualifying round held to reduce total entrants to a manageable number for officials to oversee. This is done by taking the top 4 token finders from each sate or world region. These contestants are then entered in the National Championship round and the winner declared the fastest. Rules: approximately 9 tokens per entrant are planted in the ground 1-3 inches deep. These are planted as evenly as possible throughout the filed. Tokens are different every year and not found in general circulation. Entrants are given 30 minutes to dig up as many tokens as they can find with a metal detector and a trowel. Officials who plant the tokens or tally the entrants total are not allowed in the competition. Only one person per metal detector. No pulse induction metal detectors or other electrical devices that would cause undue interference with other competitors are allowed. No trowels over 4 inches wide (i.e. No shovels. headphones must be worn. No metal detector coils larger than 14 inches allowed. Ties are decided by a run off, with the first person finding an additional token declared the winner. Entrants are not allowed to pass any item to any other entrant during the competition. No spectators are allowed on the field during the competition. Officials have the right to remove any contestant as they see fit in order to maintain a fair and orderly competition, official’s judgements are final.