Fastest crossing of America on inline skates (or roller skates) (male)
Russell Moncrief
69/8/45 day(s):hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
United States (San Diego)
Russell 'Rusty' Moncrief (USA) crossed the USA on inline skates in 69 days 8 hr 45 min from 5 January to 15 March 2002. He skated from Crescent Beach, near Jacksonville, Florida, and finished at Soltana Beach, near San Diego, California, after covering roughly 4,175 km (2,595 miles). Rusty was supported by his friend Casey Brooks, who drove a camper pickup that was their home for the trip. Casey would drive ahead and then cycle back to meet and accompany Rusty for the remainder of that day. Rusty averaged 61 km (38 miles) per day.