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Largest collection of videogame memorabilia

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Largest collection of videogame memorabilia - Brett Martin - guinness world records 

For the record

  • Who: Brett Martin

  • What: Largest collection of videogame memorabilia

  • Where: USA

In 1989, eight-year-old Brett Martin’s (USA) parents gave him a 4-cm (1.6-in) Mario holding a mushroom. As of October 2012, Brett has amassed a treasure trove of 8,030 items, many of which you can see at

More merchandise was produced for Mario than any other character – although Link remains Brett’s personal favourite.

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1. Mario himself was the hardest to find in the set of Super Mario ceramic cookie jars and banks.

2. The Ocarina of Time 3D official Link hat was imported from Greece, the only country where it was available at that time.

3. This Ocarina Link statue from E3 1997 is very fragile – few of them remain in good condition.

4. Mario Party statues originally stood on top of the arcade machines in Japan.

5. Brett found this statue in his local classified ads, which are not usually good hunting grounds!

6. Mega Man pillows were only sold online by Capcom and are rare, even in Japan.

7. The first Mario plush toy was made by Avanti in 1986. This one was imported from Japan.

8. These Legend of Zelda statues and figurines are Brett’s favourite part of his collection.

9. There are more than 300 Mario items on this shelf alone!

10. Pikmin memorabilia is popular and these items have appreciated in value the most.

11. This Mario inflatable comes from a store display, and is one of Nintendo’s earliest and rarest Mario marketing items.

12. The giant Mario store display plush at the back is even taller than 5 and is the only one Brett has ever seen for sale.

See some of Brett's collection in the video below...


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